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Cornerstone occupies a unique position among the select group of software companies that specialize in application modernization and migration. We offer insight and a highly advanced solution suite which support successful IT-transformations in order to decisively advance the effectiveness of our clients' computing environment.

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Blockchain: disrupting the banking industry

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins may disrupt the banking industry.

Why large-scale IT projects fail

To many companies and institutions, legacy systems are increasingly becoming a burden. Due to the disappearing knowhow and limited scalability, among other things, they can become ticking time bombs.

Apps: towards an interactive development process

When you say ‘business,’ you say ‘apps.’ Today, everyone has at least a few apps on their mobile device that make life more convenient.

A fixed price, fixed date conversion project was realized according to plan and the quality of the conversion results is according to measures set.

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