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Cornerstone occupies a unique position among the select group of software companies that specialize in application modernization and migration. We offer insight and a highly advanced solution suite which support successful IT-transformations in order to decisively advance the effectiveness of our clients' computing environment.

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How does the cloud impact your business?

The cloud: you’ve heard about it a thousand times, but what is it exactly? And, more importantly, what’s in it for you? Can your business benefit from it or will it be disrupted by the cloud? These types of questions must cross your mind at least once a day. Need answers? Read on!

Cornerstone awarded large Assembler migration project.

Cornerstone is chosen to migrate a large IBM Mainframe Assembler application to COBOL.

Cornerstone engaged in POC for a DMS to BMS migration.

Cornerstone is awarded a Proof Of Concept for automated migration of CICS/DMS panels to CICS/BMS screens.

Migration of an iSeries GIS Life System from RPG to JEE and models based on Domain Specific Languages significantly improving product life cycle management and maintenance.

I2S Insurance Software Solutions - Portugal
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