Cornerstone Technology since 1989.

We are an experienced and specialized technology and services organization helping companies to protect and improve their investments in essential legacy enterprise applications and reduce IT management, maintenance and license cost.

What we offer

We provide companies with insight in their entire enterprise application landscape and offer a highly automated and well managed migration process of their legacy applications to modern scalable platforms of their choice.

We deliver migration projects orders of magnitude more efficient and with lower risks than traditional methods by leveraging our proprietary G4 technology, in-house migration and platform experience and unique project and testing strategy.

Our user friendly G4 Analyzer and G4 Dashboard software provide detailed, up to date, consistent and fact based metrics and analytics to support your IT business decisions like defining and monitoring your outsourcing or insourcing agreements or before, during and after migration projects.

Working with us

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT us when you are in need of complete and detailed insight in your legacy application environment or the business needs of your organization require you to modernize or renovate your existing legacy applications with minimum risk. We are confident that our experienced team of migration and platform experts and our partners can assist you with your companies needs.