The unforeseen benefits of cloud computing.

July 25, 2016

Once the technology of cloud computing is up and running and in daily use, unforeseen advantages emerge. Let’s have a look at them!

When describing the benefits of cloud computing, terms such as cost savings, scalability, storage on demand, IT automation, and CAPEX versus OPEX are used. And they already make for a good business case. Once the technology is up and running and in daily use, however, other advantages – that provide much more value to the business than initially planned – emerge.

Let’s have a closer look at these unforeseen benefits of cloud computing.

Introducing new services: easier, more flexible

The availability of on-demand ‘cloud’ IT resources and the automation of software deployments make it possible for new configurations to be set up and running within hours or even minutes. Since technology makes it easy to facilitate a pay-per-use model, you can avoid large up-front investments. The use of many Open Source software solutions as well as the availability of community blogs helps in trying out new ideas and services while further reducing software license cost.

Investing in tomorrow’s needs: be innovation-oriented

In today's economy, your ‘global’ competition is only a mouse-click away. Companies that are able to leverage the latest technologies can obtain an important advantage. Now more than ever, you will need the guidance and leadership of your CIOs and CTOs on this, as IT is involved in every aspect of your internal and external communication as well as your critical business processes. Typically, up to 80% of IT budgets are tied up in routine maintenance of your in-house IT systems. Automating your IT infrastructure by leveraging cloud technology frees up time, money, and personnel resources. This allows you to invest in your IT team: they can use their knowledge and experience to come up with innovative solutions. You will able to look beyond today’s needs and start thinking about what you will require tomorrow. And you can finally pay proper attention to the following question: how can we improve things for ourselves and our customers?

Benefit from proven and successful solutions

As you’re using existing and proven technologies, you can benefit from such solutions and act upon the latest developments. This is one of the main reasons why open source solutions are increasingly preferred over proprietary solutions.

Harmonize IT

If you’re working on platforms that use standard hardware and automated IT environments, it is easier to harmonize IT. After mergers and acquisitions, it is nearly impossible to connect and combine old systems. IT staff and end-users need to jump from one ‘island’ – or program – to the other, because they don’t work with an integrated environment. The implementation of automated IT solutions can simplify and fasten such processes considerably!

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