Application Migration

Best in class conversion tooling and project strategy to modernize legacy or inherited business logic without incurring a freeze of your ongoing maintenance delivered as a fixed price, fixed date project. Your existing applications are proven solid, well tested and used on a daily basis. Why throw away this large investment by rebuilding from scratch with associated high project risks? You can expect from us a new state of the art application delivered much faster.


IT has evolved into a critical business process impacting every business aspect of organizations. Gartner identified several disruptive forces that force companies to continuously update and modernize their IT infrastructure and organization. Meeting the IT business needs of the organization and reducing IT maintenance and license cost are every time in the top three business priorities of CIO's during surveys.

Cornerstone can help you with reducing your IT maintenance and license cost and future proof your IT by modernizing and simplifying your "legacy" application landscape. The power and flexibility of our G4 platform and unique project and test strategy allows us to migrate large and complex application landscapes at a fraction of the cost and time compared with rebuilding and with a much lower risk of failure.

Customer advantages

We support our customers in Europe and the USA in the field of conversion & migration from one language, database and architecture to another language, database and architecture.

What you can expect from Cornerstone Technology:

  • We collect all customer's sources, screens, schema's, DDL, JCL, etc.
  • We than define and create our own parsers for each type of source language.
  • All data gathered from this decomposition is stored in a meta information model, our G4 Repository.
  • Together with YOU as the customer we define the target architecture requirements.
  • Most of the time we do Proof Of Concept (POC) to show the possible outcome in a prototype reference architecture. Time for adjustments.
  • Based on the final customer requirements we build the appropriate conversion rules. We do this in a phased process.
  • In the end we have the necessary conversion rule base for every syntax, semantic and idiom construction and its associated transformation.
  • The customer's sources can now be converted fully automatically at a rate of more than 5 million lines of code per hour.
  • Any alteration to the conversion rules for whatever reason will result in a newly generated application in minutes simply by running our G4 Convertor again.
  • This implies there is no need for a freeze of the current application for maintenance.

You can imagine that this process can also be applied in case of modernization and/or partial changes to current applications.